Snack Policy


Snacking makes up an important part of childhood nutrition. It is often difficult for children to consume, from meals alone, all the necessary calories and nutrients for healthy growing bodies. Breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two or three healthful snacks a day will help your child to meet his/her daily nutritional needs for calories, vitamins and minerals.

At RNS we ask the families to provide the snack. A snack schedule is sent home once a month so that families will know ahead of time when their snack day is. All snacks must be from the designated snack list. If your child has a food allergy or any diet restrictions, please let us know so we can accommodate his/her needs. When a child has a severe dietary restriction, we will ask the parent to provide their child’s own snack.

Peanut/Nut Avoidance Policy

Allergies to a variety of foods – most notably peanuts and tree nuts are becoming more common.  Due to this increase we have implemented a strict avoidance of peanut/nut products within our school. Strict avoidance is the only way to prevent a life threatening allergic reaction. We ask your assistance in providing all the children with a safe environment.

If exposed to peanuts/nut products, food allergic students may develop a life threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment. The greatest potential for exposure at school is to peanut and nut products. To reduce the risk of exposure, RNS practices “PEANUT/NUT AVOIDANCE.” If your child has eaten peanut or nut products prior to coming to school, please be sure your child’s hands have been washed prior to entering the school. If your child participates in our lunch program we are asking that you do not send in any products containing peanuts in his/her lunch. The teachers will check the children’s lunch products for peanut products. If your child accidentally brings a peanut item in his lunch the item will be saved and sent home. All snack items and birthday treats brought in must be from the designated Ravinia Nursery School Snack List

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations at school are always special. Because each class celebrates its birthdays a little differently it is important to get in touch with your child’s teacher prior to the birthday celebration, so appropriate plans can be made. Parents are invited to join their children for the classroom celebration. We ask the parents to provide the class with a birthday snack that day and some teachers may ask a parent to read a birthday story. If the parent wishes to honor their child’s birthday with a gift such as a book or toy for the classroom, it is always appreciated.