D Class

The main goal of the afternoon program is to provide children with the opportunities to develop Kindergarten readiness skills. Children will be able to explore and learn at their own level. We will incorporate math, literature,social studies,science,art and music in to several different themes throughout the year. The State of Illinois Learning Standards/Benchmarks for early childhood education will be a continuous thread through all of the topics and activities we cover in the afternoon program.

Our curriculum also includes project approach units to help the children learn at deeper and more meaningful level. Topics of study will be generated by the children and will include field trips to various sites for further investigation. Project approach units also encourage parent involvement; reinforcing the value of the child’s work.

The Handwriting Without Tears program will introduce writing at the PreK level. This program is used in the District 112 curriculum.  Children move, touch, feel and manipulate real objects as they learn habits essential for writing.

Our Mission is to foster a love of learning and excitement about learning in a safe,secure and loving environment. We are a play based program where children can build self-confidence and respect for others.

Julie Walzer, Stacey Merel and Amy Micari