B Class

The morning program at Ravinia Nursery School is designed to help children develop their creativity, higher-level thinking skills, social interactions, and independence in an enriched play-base environment. The classroom is divided into various Learning Centers – Art, Math/Manipulative, Science, Reading, Dramatic Play, Block Building, Playdough.  Your child’s morning will be spent outside on our playground as well as in the classroom in independent play, small group play and whole group activities.  We use the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards and Benchmarks as a guideline to help develop curriculum and classroom activities to achieve these goals.

We have also begun to explore project work in the classroom using the teaching strategy, Project Approach. Project work allows children an opportunity to investigate deeply a topic that is of particular interest to them.  Investigative work helps young learners: make sense of experiences, theorize, analyze, hypothesize and synthesize, predict and check predictions, find things out – build curiosity, persist in seeking solutions to problems, speculate about cause and effect relationships and predict others’ wishes and feelings. These habits of the mind help children learn how to deal with new information, take ownership of their work, cooperate with others and feel a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Our mission as educators is to support and guide each child to his or her fullest potential in a play-based, developmentally appropriate learning environment.

Cathy Cohen, Lynn Richman and Lisa Kleiman