Emily Becker

It seems Emily was always destined to work with young children.  They have always been drawn to her and her to them.  In fact she is often referred to as the Pied Piper of Sumac Road.  Four years ago she had an opportunity to work at a preschool in Glencoe and realized this was truly what she was meant to do.  We are very happy that she is decided to continue her career here at Ravinia where she will begin her third year as the Assistant Teacher in the A and C classes.

Emily grew up in Highland Park and attended Highland Park Schools and graduated from Highland Park High School.  She still lives here, just down the street, with her husband Jeremy of 8 years.  Emily is a familiar face in the community and is always happy to lend a hand.  Emily continues to get lots of on the job training by living on a street that is filled with children that all want a playdate with her.

Emily was a dental assistant for several years before she found her passion in early childhood. She has attended classes at Oakton Community College and plans on working towards her teaching certificate.  She says she greatly enjoys the classes and likes the constant opportunity to apply what she is learning to the classroom.

Emily loves spending time with children and nurturing their wonderful creative talents.  She is creative herself and likes to share this with others.  She is very excited to be at the little blue school an environment she has always respected and admired.  In her free time she likes spending time with her family including her young nephew.  Her other interests include, painting, drawing and anything else creative.