Cathy Cohen

Cathy came to Ravinia with a great deal of previous experience with young children both professionally and personally.  While living in Cincinnati she worked for ten years at a parent co-op that served children ranging from three months to thee years of age.  During her tenure there she was a student teacher, a teacher and the director.  Cathy has very fond memories of her time at the center and still keeps in touch with several of the families.  She then took time off from her career to raise her own four children.  Thirteen years ago wishing to return to the classroom her path led her to our school.  That certainly was good fortune for Ravinia and Cathy is now beginning her twelfth school year as a teacher of the three year olds.

Cathy was raised in Cincinnati and lived in Norfolk and Portland before settling in Deerfield.  While living in Cincinnati she attended the University of Cincinnati and received her BS in Elementary Education and Early Childhood.  She moved here with her husband and four children sixteen years ago for her husband’s job.  This is originally home for him and they have made it home for their four children.  They have all grown and she now has four adult children.  Luckily she can continue to enjoy and interact with the younger ones on a daily basis at our school.

Cathy loves working with young children and finds their spontaneity, honesty, sense of constant wonder and joy to be endlessly refreshing.  That combined with the fact that everyday has the potential to be different makes this job ideal for her.  When she isn’t working with our young children or caring for her own family she enjoys baking and golfing.