Alison Wendt

Alison wanted to work with children for as long as she can remember.  She began pursuing her career in high school working as a camp counselor then went on to work at a day care center while she attended college.  After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from University of Arizona she continued on and received her Master’s in Elementary Education from National Louis University.  Alison taught elementary age children for the next seventeen years in the Chicago Public Schools.  When her daughter began elementary school she subbed in the Highland Park School District.   Her daughter is a graduate of RNS so Alison is very familiar with our school as a parent and liked the experience for both her and her daughter.  When her daughter entered first grade Alison thought it would be a good time to go back to work on a regular schedule and now is beginning her third year on staff as the C class Assistant Teacher.  This year Alison is also going to expand her skill set by being an assistant Teacher in the T/Th Two Can class.  We are very glad Alison decided to add the younger children to her repertoire.

Alison grew up in Highland Park then moved to Chicago after she graduated from college.  A few years ago she returned to Highland Park where she now lives with her daughter who attends Sherwood School.  She likes being with young children and feels they are both fun and energizing.  Alison finds that even after many years of teaching she continues to enjoy the children and is always learning or observing something new.  She is very happy to be a part of RNS and looking forward to her third year of working with Ravinia children and parents.  In addition to spending time with her daughter, family and friends Alison also likes walking, shopping and spending time with animals, particularly dogs.