About Our School

Ravinia Nursery School outsideIn 1926, Peggy Riser, the first teacher and director of Ravinia Nursery School, welcomed a dozen students into her Ravinia home. Today, as one of the oldest preschools in the state of Illinois, RNS has grown and matured with maintaining the coziness of home.

In 1958, under the leadership of its Director, Rosalie Weinfeld and the Board of Directors, funds were raised to build “the Little Blue School” on Red Oak Lane.

Over the years, many renovations were made to the school. In 1991 an additional classroom was added, in 1998 the play ground was completely redone and brought up to code, and then in 2001 RNS underwent an extensive interior renovation which was completed in 2002. As the years progress, we continue to update and maintain our Little Blue School to make a comfortable and safe home away from home for all of our children.

As we celebrate our 90th year, we continue to see how our magical school has touched many families within our community. We have now had the pleasure of sharing our special school with second and third generations of families!

Since it’s inception, RNS continues to be a nonprofit developmental preschool open to all families regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin or ancestry. No child will be excluded because of disability or special needs unless the program is unable to meet the specific needs of that child.